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Baby Cow Musical Toy

Baby Cow Musical Toy

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  • This baby cow toy can be your child's favorite playmate. From the little hands that move up and down, to the feet that move side to side, our baby cow will effortlessly entertain your young one for a long time!

  • Baby Cow Musical Toy

    The different body movements don't stop there, this little cow will even move its eyes up and down!

  • Baby Cow Musical Toy

    Also, don't forget that this baby cow toy plays a variety of music and sings while doing so!

  • Baby Cow Musical Toy

    Two playing modes are available! Mode 1: The Cow will light up but will not dance. Mode 2: Cow lights up and dances

  • Baby Cow Musical Toy
  • Baby Cow Musical Toy

    Quick Conversion: 20.3 cm = 7.9 in. | 12.5 cm = 4.9 in.

Product Features and Benefits

2 Modes Available

This dancing cow toy can move right and left, and the arms swing up and down, and can even blink when moving. There are 2 modes to choose. You can choose for the cow to glow in a static state or dance to music and lights.

Attracts all Children

The colorful lights of the baby cow toy attract children's attention in a short amount of time. The rich body movements and sounds can greatly arouse children's curiosity. It's good for kids to dance together to the cool lights and music.

Makes for a Great Present

Perfect for birthdays, holidays, and school prizes. This cow toy attracts children and makes them laugh and move along to the song. We are sure that your little ones will love it.


Dimensions: 12.52 x 6.69 x 5.12 inches

Item weight: 12.3 ounces

Seller: Busy Bee

Date first available: October 21, 2022